The electronic scientific and technical journal “Innovation technical and technology” is published 4 times a year.

Journal sections:

  1. Mechanical engineering, mechanics and agricultural machinery;
  2. Agri-food products and food processing technologies;
  3. Ecology. Biomedicine. Biotechnology;
  4. Food chemistry and chemical technology;
  5. Mathematical modeling and automation of technological processes;
  6. Energy-saving technologies and alternative energy sources.

Accepted articles will be published in an electronic journal in English and Russian. Materials of the article should be at least 4 pages long, including the methodology, results and conclusion, with accompanying figures and tables in * .doc format.

  The article shall indicate: title of the article, surname of the author (s), address, phone number, fax, e-mail.

For A4 format: 2 cm margins on all sides, font - Arial, font size 12, single spacing, double column (column width 8 cm, space 1 cm, sample article attached as a separate file).

The title of the article is font size 16, uppercase, bold. After the title, 1 empty line is skipped.

Names of authors - font size 12 lowercase. After the names, 1 empty line is skipped. With (*) it is necessary to note the main (correspondent) author and indicate the email address of the authors.

Information about the author - font size 10, italic, lowercase, left.

Annotation and keywords - font size 12, lowercase, align to width. The abstract must be at least 100 words. Keywords must be at least 5 words. The word "Abstract" and "Keywords" in capital bold.

Headings - font size 12, bold, 1 line is skipped to each heading. Subheadings - the line is not skipped before and after the subheadings.

The main text - font size 12, font Arial, paragraph 0.5, 1 spacing, the text is aligned in width.

Pictures - must be centered, font size 12. Numbering and descriptions of figures - center, italic, lowercase, only the description of the picture is bold.

Formulas - numbering is in brackets (x), it is necessary to center, font size 12. Formulas should not be scanned, but should be clearly visible, typed using the formula editor.

Tables - the table must be centered, the numbering of the table is placed in the right corner, only the description of the table is written in bold, all font sizes are 12, lowercase. After the table, 1 empty row is skipped.

References - font size 12, the word REFERENCES in capital, bold.

When sending an article, the files to be sent should be called the names of all authors (for example: Abdullaev, Botirov, Vakhobov.doc).

Articles are accepted only by email:

Materials that do not meet the requirements of the journal will not be accepted and will not be returned to the authors. Articles will be submitted for review, non-peer-reviewed articles will not be published in the journal and will not be returned to the authors. Authors are responsible for the content and accuracy of materials in the journal.

Publication of an article in an electronic journal is free.